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The Ecological-Cosmological System of Healing

Dr. Covel Ras'Hique McDermot is a plant and soil scientist, urban ecologist, chemist, teacher, eco-spiritualist, and the Founder and CEO of The Pineal Room Infinite Healing Light (TPRIHL).

The Pineal Room is an ecological-cosmological system developed to activate the Infinite Healing Light of the spirit-mind-body of the Light Beings to support wholistic healing and wellness by way of Grounding, Being, Ascending, and Enlightening the merkaba.

The Urban ecoMasters know that for millions of years natural products, eco-therapeutic activities, eco-spiritual practices, conscious connection to nature and the solar system, and the electromagetic nature of the human body are fundamnetal tools and technologies for upgrading the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA), modifying gene expression, and harmonizing the energies for cosmic healing and enlightenment of the being. Biohacking the DNA and RNA, diviersifying the gut microbiome, cellular regeneration, recalibrating the kidneys, heart and brain synchronization, and decalcification of the pineal gland are techniques I called Human Inner Bio-Engineering Rewiring (HIBER).

Therefore, raising human innate ecological consciousness of their ENERGETIC connection to the NATURAL 'Environment-Ecosystems-Economy' is absolutely necessary for managaging, harmonizing, and releasing the new influx of energy and radiation into the body due to the shifting geomagetic poles of the Earth and the solar flares and coronal mass ejections from the Sun. This ecological-cosmological shift changes the behavior of the schumann resonance (Earth's heart beat) in most cases and by extension the consciouness of all living organsims on the planet is influenced. 


The Rebirth of Urban ecoMasters and ecoMistresses

My Story Experiencing The Pineal Light of Reawakening

Covel McDermot

The Coronavirus pandemic has created paradigm shifts in almost everybody's life on the planet since March 2020; negatively impacting almost all 8 billion people's health, livelihoods, economic well-beings, and relationships. Well, not the global resetters who doubled their wealth. I was not immune to the ecological-cosmological shifts. and an already collapsing lifestyle was catalyzed by the pandemic. I lost everything including family and close friends. While I was never infected or sick from the coronavirus, I suffered from an open heart, depression, anxiety attacks, and burnt-out beacuse of high levels of stress, a lack of support system, and poor lifestyle from many years of studying internationally. When the pandemic happened I realize that post-pandemic living will require the majority of the people on the planet to shift from the normal way of thinking and doing things. As well as get some form of therapy and ecotherapy. In a vision, The Pineal Room Infinite Healing Light came to me as a technology for eco-therapy, eco-spirituality, and community visioning. I have since entered the Pineal Room Infinite Healing Light and recieve the healing light of the universe. I have signed my soul contract to bring the Infinite healing Light to environmental justice neighborhoods and communities in the United States and globally. I have returned as the urban eco-Master to help edify, educate, and enlighten human beings of the ecological-cosmological shifts and the new cosmic paradigm that will change the way we live and heal the spirit-mind-body.

I have achieve tremendous healing from the eco-therapeutic activities and through the practice of eco-spirituality, all came pouring into my dome naturally. While intermittent fastening and abstenence from sex are very important to maintain an etheric body. Therapy from the use of mushrooms, herbs, sea moss products, and community services helped me to resolve my past traumas, strip the labels, work on my shadowside, reassess my relationships with people and material things, and dissolve the ego to seek forgiveness. As my healing advances and my high stress level subsides and fear dissolves I experienced a bright light I called the Pineal Room Infinite Healing Light. My Pineal Gland came online again, at the right moment, in my purpose speaking my truth as a cosmic portal for the immidiate ancestors, distanced ancestors, and ascended grand masters who helped me access the quantum field of all knowlwdge.

I have experienced what I called 'solar DNA discrimination' or what others called purification by the Christ Light. This was an entire day of variable aches and pain in different energy centers or endocrine glands especially my solar plexus and head that had high electrical blockages. During sunbathing and sungazing I fell asleep in the Sun and woke up from a dehydration feeling. My energy wheels were cleared and I felt brand new. I had an upgrade of my DNA and heightening of my conscious awareness to people's energy and bioelectromagic fields or auras. On this day I made a cosmic covernant with my HigherSelf through The Pineal Room Infinite Healing Light to raise the Ecological-Cosmological consciousness of the Great ShiFT happening on the planet to all human being so they can experience the Infinite Healing Light of Grounding, Being, Ascending, and Enlightenment [GBAE] of the merkaba- The Tetragrammaton of Healing.

I send you the Infinite Healing Light of The Pineal Room in the name of Truth, Love, and Gratitude. 


Plant and Soil Scientist, Urban ecologist, Teacher, Urban eco-Master

The Pineal Room Infinite Healing Light

Our Mission and Vision Statements

The vision of The Pineal Room Infinite Healing Light (TPRIHL) is to support the ecological-cosmological paradigm shift at the community-level by raising the ecological consciousness of residents to build ground-up Sustainable Multicultural Immunity-Unity Communities to buffer against environmental climate change, radiation sickness, infectious disease threats, food insecurities, and to strengthen community visioining.

The mission of TPRIHL is to support the healing process of urban-rural dwellers, ecosystems, and the environments of dwelling and working through ground-up community visioning and the provision of tools, softwares, resources, products, and training to residents to build resilient multicultural sustainable immunity-unity communities after the coronavirus pandemic. This will be achived through the use of community nuritional program (e.g. sea moss, mushroom, herbs) for immune health; training in urban and community forestry and farming for implementing and monitoring community-based green projects; developing a community-centric Stewardship Mapping and Assesment Project (STEW-MAP) as a tool to evaluate community visioning success, and creating community green busineses to support a circular economy.

The Ecological-Cosmological Paradigm Shift

Health and wellness at the nexus of Grounding, Being, Ascending, and enlightening the Soul


Dr. Covel RasHique McDermot

Plant & Soil Scientists, Urban ecologist, Chemist, Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Pineal Room Targeting?

Every human being on the planet requires grounding or earthing as a healing mechanism to bring the Earth's electrons into the body to neutralize free radicals and reative oxygen species inside the cells from DNA lockdown activities to uphold cellular homeostasis. The dis-eases and issues we experience daily have become electrical blockages in the cells and tissues preventing the energies from moving through the chakras and flowing with the fluids of the body. Grounding the human body is important during healing as this recalibrates the circadian rhythm, blood pressure, and gut microbiom. However, coming in contact with natural soils and nature raise your ecological consciousness 

Sea Moss Blends, Natural Herbal Blend, and Nature.

Thank you for your question. Yes, The Pineal Room sea moss blends are safe and without preservatives for children and todlers to consume. In fact, parents have adopted sea moss in their diet and eventually start sharing it their babies as early as one year old. 

Dr. Covel R. McDermot aka Urban eco-Master
102-04 221st St, Queens, NY 11429, USA

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The Pineal Room