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102-04 221st Street, Queens Village, NY 11429

113 Comstock Pl, Rm 11, Syracuse, NY 13210

Phone: (302)423-9735/ (860)796-2966

The Pineal Room Infinite Healing Light

The Pineal Room Infinite Healing Light

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Sunday — Environmental activities, Lectures, Workshops, Podcasting, Consulting 

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Welcome to the Ecological-Cosmological System of Healing for the spirit-mind-body (merkaba) by way of conscious grounding, being, ascending, and enlightening of the Light Body.

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Dr. Covel RasHique McDermot

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102-04 221 st. Street, Qieens Village, New York 11429

Cel.: (302) 423-9735

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Sunday — Events, Lectures, Workshops, Consultations, Mentoring 

Dr. Covel McDermot is a plant and soil scientist with a focus in urban ecosystems at the nexus of climate change, urbanization, and biotic invasion.

The Pineal Room Infinite Healing Light

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