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The Pineal Room Infinite Healing Light is an online/offline ecological-cosmological system that focuses on reconnecting urban/suburban dwellers, city workers, and environmental justice groups to land, nature, the managed green spaces, all living  things, water bodies, and the sun and celestial bodies. Raising the ecological and cosmological consciousness of people's connection to planet Earth and the universe through grounding, being, ascending, and enlightening will bring about cosmic healing through cellular energy reorganization, cellular regeneration, and DNA activation.

Ancient and modern ecological and cosmological systems of thinking, practice, and wholistic healing are revisited, revised, hybridized, improved upon, practiced, and packaged as The Pineal Room Infinite Healing Light tools, technologies, resources, and experts to support regeneration of the gut microbiome, recharging the pineal gland, synchronization of the brain/heart, boosting of the interferon immune system, realignment of the kidneys, rebalancing the reproductive organs, and oxygenating the cells.  

At The Pineal Room, we integrate human health and wellness into urban ecology, urban forestry, eco-therapy, eco-spirituality, eco-consciousness, eco-health, eco-energy, eco-business, and eco-community to create a new lifestyle, the eco-Living in resilient mutlicultural Immunity-Unity Communities.

The Pineal Room Infinite Healing Light is all about Ground-Up GREEN Environments, Ecosystems, Economy, and Energy in Environmental Justice Neightborhoods and Communities across the globe.

Initial eco-Consultation Package

 Book an eco-Consutltation with the urban eco-Master today and make the well needed lifestyle shift from the everday rat race and unhealthy jobs to healing, recentering, and thriving. Live your purpose for you. 

Urban eco-Lifestyle Coaching Package

  The urban eco-masters provide individual, family, group, and community with eco-Liftstyle shift coaching to support healing and immunity, family and relationship building, strengthening traditional ecological knowledge reconnectiong indigenous groups to tradtional lands, building green businesses, raising the ecological consciouness, building immunity-unity community, etc. for you to embark on your personal and community healing journey.

Urban eco-therapy Package

 We offer a unique eco-therapeutic package to catalyze your eco-Lifestyle shift, this includes forest bathing, forest walking, forest jogging, mud bathing, grounding, sun gazing, sun bathing, tree hugging, tree climbing, foraging, eco-breathing, attention focusing, eco-mindfulness, eco-yoga.  

Urban eco-spirituality Package 

We guide you in the research and reconnection with traditional ecological, indigenous wisdom, and spiritual knowledge of the family, ancestors, the land, and the land-use history. We delve into dimensions of eco-spirituality such as tending, caring, relating, reconnecting, and sentience. additionally, eco-meditation,eco-yoga, reconnecting to the wholeness and onement, nature preservation and conservation, and eco-spiritual consciousness education. Our instrument for validating eco-spirituality are some of the published instruments such as connectedness of nature scale (CNS), environmental attitude inventory (EAI), and saily spiritual experience scale (DSES).

Ecological-Cosmological System Package 

 We educate our cosmic families of their interesting relationships and connections with the solar system, other planetary bodies, the multiverse, the immediate ecosystems, and energy fields of the Earth. We guide you on your journey of ascension and expose you to very old technologies such as sigil, mutra, affirmation, chanting mantra, science, numerology, astrology, metaphysics, water magic.

Eco-Lecture & Workshop Package 

The urban eco-masters provides beautiful lectures and workshops at the household level and community-scale to environmental justice groups, unattached youth, incarcerated individuals, NGOs,  environmental conservation groups, indigenous groups, colleges and universityies, nonprofits, and informal groups that are conscious of theur role as environmental stewards. We will present courses such as urban ecology, urban forestry, urban agriculture, urban food systems, ecological consciouness, ennvironmental racism, urban matrix of toxins, waters in the USA, land and economic equity, classical ecology, classical comology, indegenous wisdom and traditional ecological knowledge, eco-spirituality, ecotherapy, immunity-unity community, nutriton and health, food processing technologies, green business start-up, family and community.

Eco-Systems Foods Package 

At the Pineal Room Infinite Healing Light, we oragnically source most of our raw matrials to prepare  home-made hand-crafted products to support maintenance, remineralization, and detoxification of cells. Additionally, coupling food diet with our eco-therapy activties and eco-spirituality practices will bring about wholistic healing of the spirit-mind-body of urban-rural dwellers and workers.

One of our top systems foods is our St. Lucian sourced Euchema cottonii species sea moss blends of herbs, spices, and fruits. The Covid-19 pandemic has presented us with opportunities to develop home-based businesses and green products for supporting local community nutriton programs.  

Sea Moss Euchema cottonii: In July of 2021, the urban eco-Master, Dr. Covel RasHique McDermot who holds a Bachelors degree in General Chemistry and Food Processing Technology from the Unversity of the West Indies, Mona campus developed five sea moss blends to support community healing in Delaware, Philadelphia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Virgina, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Illionois, Arizona, and even Puerto Rico where environmental justice neighborhoods are located during and after the coronavirus outbreak. We have compounded Covel-33 Therapy, Energy Moss Berry, Vitality C Moss, Shiva Fire, and Green Clean sea moss blends to specifically target and bring healing to the reprodcutive organs, digestive organs, respiratory organs, blood brain barrier, lymphatic fluid and organs, skeletal organs, the pineal gland, and respiratory organs. We offer the plain sea moss gel and wildcrafted raw sea moss to our cosmic soul tribe family.

Enchanted Kettle Teas: We have partnered with The Enchanted Kettle in St. Lucia and compounded organically wild harvested herbs from the volcanic soils of St. Lucia into Herbal Therapy Teas to support health and immunity during the pandemic. We offer a unique blend of highly potent herbs as tea bags for your daily herbal therapy: sorrel/ginger; lemongrass/ginger; cinnamon/cocoa; turmeric/lemongrass; basil/ginger, etc. The Pineal Room Infinite Healign Light will develop its first herbal therapy tea soon from a compounded herbal blend with Petiveria alliacea (Guinea Hen Weed/ Anamu).

Immunity-Unity Community Movement

Immunity Community Visioning

The covid-19 pandemic has brought the well needed environmental-ecological-economic paradigm shift that many people around the world have been calling for. The 3Es Paradigm ShiFT is here.  Interestingly, many people were prepared for this time as well. Unfortunately, the large majority of people were caught completely off-guard when the coronavirus pandemic hit in March 2020. After almost one and a half years in the pandemic enduring the lockdowns, social distancing, washing of hands, testing, and vaccination mandated by WHO we came out of lockdown after mass vaccination to learn of a new ecological threat- a brewing war between Ukraine and Russia for oil, seeds, and Ukraine plans to join NATO. Covid-19 disappeared in a matter of hours and the new narrative and focus was Ukraine/Russia war. After much fear-mongering and mass distraction by the media with in the lyncing of successful black men like Will Smith, Kylie Irvin, Kevin Samuels, and Kanye West. The very same media and group of people then shifted our attention to global climate change and the World Economic Forum  (WEF) replaced WHO to take center stage. Mr. Klaus Schwab, the Executive Chairman of the WEF, presented 17 sustainable goals that will promote environmental and community resilience. There are heated discussions happening among the populus that another phase of global lockdown is imminent so as to present these 17 environmental commandements. More interestingly, after the death of Queen Elazabeth we got new information that King Charles III was fully responsible for the pandemic and created the Great Reset. This was supported by a tweet from The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. Now we can see that Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Mark Zuckerburg, and the others were all supporting Agenda 201 and Agenda 2030. King Charles III crowning at the WEF with the 17 sustainable goals in a trifoliar crown arranngement is a symbology of mass depopulation agenda. 


Immunity is a wholistic systems thinking terminology or at least this is what it should be. Therefore, human immunity should not be independent of the physical environment, the human-natural and human-built ecosystems and the service provision, the economy of the community, and the energy as organic carbon (trapped sunlight energ)flowing through the systems. When we take this approach to human immunity we realize that wholistic healing through rebuilding the human immune system encompasses ecologies of many ecosystems intelligently communicating to give a desired output. This simplies human immunity to be a function of the environment, ecosystem services, economy, and energy of the system or community. Importantly, this simplicity of immunity helps individuals to become conscious of wholistic healing through 'so within so without' human inner bioengineering rewiring, a biohacking technique of rebalancing, synchronizing, and harmonizing your inner ecosystems with the external environment ecosystems that govern immunity. In other words, natural immunity and healing is epigenetic in action. This understanding put back the power of healing in your hands. You can think and biohack the terrains governing immunity and healing at the DNA and chromosomal levels in the body (check out this video) and this article on grounding. Better immune health and results of healing will naturally raise your ecological consciousness of the external environment ecosystems that regulate the health of the physical space of dwelling, raising family, working, and traveling.

The gift of raising your ecological-cosmological consciousness is that you will begin to see the relationships, wholeness, and energy flow of the healing light between you and your physical environment and other communities. Remember, we all have to breathe the air and the water connects all ecosystems. Natural events or anthropogenic activities that affect the health of the ecologies in Antarctica can have direct impact on the health of New York City and its inhabitants. For example, anthropgenic activities such as burning fossils, bombing, and modification of the natural ecosystems produce patriculate matters (PM2.5 and PM10), ultrafine particle, aerosols, and the interesting black carbon and brown carbon species that absorb solar visible and ultraviolet radiation and cause snowmelt (see articles). These pollutants can have direct negative respiratory impacts on human beings  and compromised the resources they use. In the same drink or shower of water the cummulative effects of burning fossil fuel and releasing black and brown carbon species in the atmosphere is tasted or felt in the saltiness of the water from salinization sea level rise. This means human beings especially urban and suburban residents will have to invest more into inner healing from cellular dehydration or preventing dehydration from salt compromising fresh waterbodies, water tables, and terrestrial ecosystems that are linked to almost 99% of modern diseases (see article, see video link). 

One would not easily see or think of migrating radioactive black carbon species and fugitive dust to be in the Antarctica region. Yet surprisingly seeding the ice glaciers and snow and releasing nutrients and water to other ecosystems. Some ecosystems are unable to hold this water and memory thus, water flows to the ocean and seas with nutrients and return to the water tables as the sea level rise with salts. The  ecosystem functions of special heat-trapping microorganisms and fungi are enhanced when radioctive black carbon species melts the snow, one such novel ecosystem is the red carbon ecosystems in the artic regions. In essence, the effects from a cause can become the cause in another connecting event or events. Yes, the more black carbon species in the atmosphere is directly correlating to saltier tap water and increase visibility of the Antarctica continent and its resources. When you are ecologically conscious you remember the skin can drink way more water subconsciously during shower and moving through your physical environments comtaminated by salt spray.        



Community Seed Banks, Community Health clinics, Community Farming, Community Scientific Research laboratories, Community Nutritional Programs, Community Training Porgrams

Stewarship Mapping and Assessment Project (STEW-MAP)

Environmental Ecological Stewardship


Health and Wellness at the Nexus at Environment, Ecosystem Services, Economy 

Community Regenerative Agricultural Systems

Native Food Systems, Native Seed Banks, Native Ecological Systems

Dr. Covel RasHique McDermot

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Urban Forestry: tree planting campaigns & ecosystem restortation 

Urban Agriculture: home and community farms

Community Seed Banks: farmers seed swapping and sharing program  

Community Research Lab: environment, ecosystems, economy, energy

Community Nutritional Programs 

Dr. Covel McDermot is a plant and soil scientst with emphasis in urban forestry ecology. He holds a Ph.D., Masters, Bachelors, and an Associate degree in Plant Sciences, Soil Sciences, Chemistry, and Biology. He is a postdoctoral research associate as The Environmental Science and Forestry college at The State University of New York.

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A Comprehensive Sea Moss Research

Seaweeds: Eucheuma cottonii sea moss

A comprehensive literature review of sea moss

The Science of Seaweed, Eucheuma cottonii sea moss

Seaweed such as sea moss is an autotrophic marine macroalgae that can be found attach to the bottom of shallow coastal waters. There are three major groups of seaweeds namely brown (phaeophyta), red (rhodophyta), and green (chlorophyta). Sea moss Eucheuma cottonii is an edible red seaweed capable of biosynthesizing and biotransforming many compounds of health, medicinal, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, and ecological interests. For centuries, seaweeds have been used as a great nutritional resource, primarily in Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Caribbean, and Australia. The literature reports heavily on the rich composition of edible lipids, proteins, and dietary fiber. More recently during the coronavirus pandemic, E. cottoni, which was found to effect several pharmaceutical uses such as anti-tyrosinase, antiviral, antioxidative, antitumor, anticoagulant, and immunomodulation functions. Sea moss E. cottonii has been a choice for natural vaccine alternative against Covid-19 infection since the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. With this knowledge and healing benefits of sea moss E. cottonii, we have prepared natural Immunity Community Sea Moss E. cottonii blends of herbs, spices, and fruits.